A Dose of the Good Stuff

I have been writing on a different blog, My Eventful Life for about 2 months now. I decided to start a second blog. Ta-da! You are here on it. My goal with this blog, is to draw attention to the positive news going on in the world. It upsets me to watch the news every night and see tons of horrible things going on each day, and not much focus on what wonderful things are taking place. I know there is a lot messed up in our Country right now. But, everywhere you look, you can see all of that. I want to hear more about the good things people are doing. And, I am going to start posting it!!

Hope you enjoy reading this blog! I would love to hear any stories that you want to pass along to me. Email it my way to- myeventfullife@gmail.com and I would love to share it.

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It's me again! The title is pretty self-explanatory...positive news, nothing negative ever! :) I am hiding from all the bad things going on in the world on this blog.

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